Erosion Control

Any site development project can impact the environment. QGS Development’s staff includes many FDEP Stormwater Certified Inspectors. We offer a variety of options for erosion control, including:

Sod, Seed & Mulch

We install sod, seed, and mulch to stabilize the soil and prevent erosion. The most common requirements for these materials include erosion prevention and soil moisture maintenance.

Hydro Seed

Hydro seed is a mixture of water, seed, and mulch sprayed on the soil. We apply hydro seed to the soil to stabilize it and prevent erosion. In many cases, erosion prevention is required by law.

Silt Barrier Fencing

We build a silt barrier fence around your project’s perimeter to prevent soil from draining off the site. Silt barrier fencing is typically required by law in areas with potential soil erosion.

Littoral Shelf Planting

We plant littoral shelf vegetation to stabilize the shoreline and prevent erosion. This is typically required in areas with a potential for shoreline erosion