Reuse, Reclaimed, Irrigation System

Any site development project requires a reuse, reclamation, or irrigation system. QGS Development offers a variety of options for your reused, reclaimed, or irrigation system, including:

Water Main Pipe

We install a water main pipe to carry reused, reclaimed, or irrigation water from the municipal water supply to your site. The size and type of pipe that you need depends on the amount of water your project will use.

Reuse or Reclaimed Water Main Valves

We install valves along the water main pipe strategically to control water flow. The type of valve that you need depends on the size and pressure of your water main pipe. Having the correct type of valve to shut off the water supply in an emergency is essential.

Backflow Preventer

We install a backflow preventer on your water main pipe to prevent contaminated water from flowing back into the potable water system. A backflow preventer is required by law in many jurisdictions.

Master Meter

Our technicians install a master meter to measure your project’s water usage. We install the master meter where your water main pipe connects to the municipal water supply. Most water utilities require a master meter.